Type your paragrapThe Social Survival Association is an Islamic women's & Children association that believes in the importance of

women's & Children’s role and their ability to make a positive impact on society and works on

women, family and young people.h here.

Technology in Education

Information Technology Leading Services provides Training in Office 365, STEAM, and TWT. We also offer Consultation and Professional Training read more

“Ruwwad” the center enables youths, giving them access to education, enrichment programs and civic engagement opportunities

Professional Development 

Our Instructors

All Information Technology Leading Services Trainers are Certified Trainer. Many also have Multiple certifications or licenses for specific read more

Introduction to Micro:Bit & Block Based Coding

We were very eager to introduce the Micro:Bit & Block Based Coding to these group of kids, they got very excited about how small it is but how big the ideas and projects they can do with it. They had the change to try a lot of it feature like the LED Lights, Thermometer & Accelerometer. At the end we held a brain storming sessions about what could they possibly build with it and the ideas were awesome.  


  • IC3 Exams
  • Microsoft Exams
  • Adobe Exams
  • Autodesk Exams
  • Practice Test​  read more